Palm Tungsten E2

  GrannyA 05:53 01 Sep 2011

Can anyone help me retrieve my contacts on my Palm on PC. It is too old to get free help from HP. I have a backup on PC which has lost all but the very original few contacts put on about 10 years ago. Still have all on the handheld, but dare not do a Sync in case it removes those. I'm not at all tech minded and would really appreciate any clear assistance.

  stlucia2 07:38 01 Sep 2011

It's a long time since I ditched my Palm Tungsten in favour of an HTC smartphone but, if I remember correctly, you can configure Palm Sync so that the data goes one way only -- from Palm to PC in your case. I would suggest you open Palm Sync on your PC, and look for "options" or "setup" without connecting your Tungsten.

If that doesn't help, and if nobody else chips in, you could try this forum which has a couple of dedicated Palm sections.

  GrannyA 12:20 01 Sep 2011

Thank you so much stlucia2. Yes my Palm is very old but full of valuable info . Called ' mums brain' by the family!

  Demora 14:00 01 Sep 2011

Hi. I have a Tungston T/X and I have never lost anything doing a sync. Not sure if the TE2 has a sd card slot....but if it does you could try backing up to that first.

When you sync from the Palm to pc it should just update your contacts etc.

Hope it helps.


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