Palm 3 connector

  logrin 16:18 31 Dec 2003

I have just bought a new laptop, cant connect my palm 3 pda as it needs a serial port connection and PC World tell me that these arent fitted to laptops.
s\there a USB/serial adaapter available or will I just have to throw my PDA away.

  short-circuit 16:12 01 Jan 2004

PC world don't stock them but Maplin does.

Visit the maplin site click here and type 'USB serial' into their site search on the left. In the results look for USB to '9 pin male'.They cost about 24.99 before p&p, I think.

  logrin 14:16 04 Jan 2004

Since I have changed to pipex and [email protected] XP home I cant read my mail on
Every time I enter the site the page appears for a second then disappears and I get a message which says that I need Java to access it.
Under this message is another which requests that I click here to find out about Java
When I click it the next page is empty.
I have t5aken the laptop back to PC World and they assure me that Java is loaded. What do I do next? logrin

  short-circuit 15:38 04 Jan 2004

Hi logrin,

Think the supanet problem needs to be added as a new post not on the Palm 3 connector. Have you already got the answer to this problem or not?

In Internet Explorer, try Tools, Internet Options, Advanced tab. Scroll down and check that there is a tick in the box next to JIT compiler for virtual machines.

If there is no tick, tick in the box, and then reboot your machine. See if the Java works then.

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