paladin antivirus malware and windows installer

  jimnastic 17:34 15 Feb 2010


i'm having extreme troubles with my pc over the past week. i was browsing away on the internet and all of a sudden "paladin antivirus" decided to install itself on my pc. since this happened i have realised it is not a legitimate antivirus and it is infact malware and affect my pc through a trojan. i have ran pc tools antivirus, malwarebytes anti malware, spybot search and destroy, and also AVG free edition. i seem to have gotten rid of some of the problem but my pc is not running to speed and i am still encountering problems such as everytime i open internet explorer i get a windows installer message. this is becoming a bug bear and starting to get on my nerves as well as slowing the pc down. can anyone please help me or give me any ideas other than running the windows recovery disk(last resort)? i am currently running on windows xp home service pack 3 if this is any help.


  Sea Urchin 17:39 15 Feb 2010

Before running Malwarebytes you need to download and install a couple of other fixes to stop the paladin process. You will also need to download a fresh version of Malwarebytes as yours will have been corrupted. Print out the instructions from this link - scroll down to Automated Removal Instructions and follow it to the letter. Good luck.

click here


  jimnastic 17:41 15 Feb 2010

many thanks sea urchin i will let you know as soon as how i get on.

  jimnastic 00:34 16 Feb 2010

Thanks for the help. I managed to get rid of 18 dodgy malware files thanks to rkill and sea urchins advice.

I still cannot get rid of the windows installer message when opening Internet explorer. I have also now noticed that Microsoft office isn't working and cannot open any word excel or ppt files. Can anyone help?

  Sea Urchin 11:43 16 Feb 2010

Have a look at this for Windows Installer problems

click here

Also, you don't mention what the Installer message says - from the sound of it it's probably trying to finish an installation of Office?

If so, let it do what it wants - ie install the program - then reboot.

Also see this

click here

  jimnastic 13:02 16 Feb 2010

Sea urchin: just like in the link to the forum you just posted it's the same problem the other person is getting. It just pops up saying preparing to install but then disappers without installing anything.

I will have a bash at both of your suggestions when I get home from work.

Many thanks again for your time and suggestions.

  jimnastic 10:38 17 Feb 2010

Tried all the suggestions on the other forum you sent a link to. No joy yet. I still think there is something hiding somewhere in the depths of the pc???

I don't have a Microsoft office disk as I got office from a friend...

Any suggestions?

  hiwatt 13:45 17 Feb 2010

Another option would be to do a system restore to a date before the problems started.Also download super antispyware click here and do a full scan in safe mode.

  jimnastic 23:24 17 Feb 2010

Hiwatt. I will give superantispyware a go thanks.....

Unfortunately the system restore is not working either. I read on one of the links posted above by seaurchin that this type of malware attacks the system restore functions and the scanners do not scan system restore files therefore doesn't find anything.

I thought I'd managed to get rid of paladin but when I turned anti virus off on windows security centre a message popped up from the system tray saying my latest version of paladin was not upto date and my computer was at risk as a result of this.

I have been scanning constantly since last Wednesday to no avail.....

I really want to avoid using the recovery disc if I can

  hiwatt 11:24 18 Feb 2010

How did you resolve this?Did superantispyware find anything at all?

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