Paintshop Pro X and Paintshop Pro 8

  cadena 01:09 10 Apr 2006

I have bought the Paint shop 8 and downloaded Pro X as I am having difficulty in using it, I want to blow up a picture from a website to use a my web page, when I do, it get dissortd...anyone got any tips on the right way to enlarge a picture to any sizr without dossorting the picture? it would be much in my 50`s and I just love computers and this is one of my ambition is to do a webpage myself, I have taught myself alot of html and learning a about css. :)

  hssutton 08:40 10 Apr 2006

The majority of images on the web are low resolution and compressed, any enlargements will become pixelated (blocky), however a certain amount of enlargement is possible if you increase the size in small stages.

This does raise the question, Do you have permission to use these images? most images/photos you see will be copyright

  hssutton 08:50 10 Apr 2006

I should have added, that to ensure no distortion takes placemake sure you select "Constrain Proportions"

  cadena 13:07 10 Apr 2006

Thank you for your speedy reply...will make a note of your last reply.
Have also downloaded Photobucket on advice from a friend who says its alot easier to use and will let you know on the outcome should I suceed :).
As for having permission to use these pictures...well, how can one tell if permission is granted, I would say if you dont want people to take advantage of them....dont publish on the web, not sounding like a meany but what can I do when one google for any type of Pictures?

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