Painting a PC Case

  iqs 11:42 02 Dec 2008


Is there a special paint I can use to spray an old PC case .The case is empty,I just want to experiment with case modding .


  recap 11:54 02 Dec 2008

You could try radiator paint (the spray type), not painted a case myself though so only a thought.

  ambra4 12:13 02 Dec 2008

“Is there a special paint I can use to spray an old PC case”


Any type of home type or car spray paint will work

  Procrastinus 12:19 02 Dec 2008

If the case outside is plastic - be aware that cellulose paints 'eat' some plastics. Try some on your car bumper and you will have a hole in no time!

  iqs 22:04 02 Dec 2008

and thanks for all your help and suggestions,it is appreciated,thank you

  MAT ALAN 22:06 02 Dec 2008

click here

good info here...

  iqs 09:31 03 Dec 2008

thanks MAT ALAN

  bjh 12:11 03 Dec 2008

If it's a plastic case, try the paint on one of the punch-outs for a DVD drive or floppy first. If the paint won't take, you've not ruined a vital part.

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