Paint Shop Pro 9

  phildux 08:02 26 Jul 2005

Can anybody tell me how to import new images and save them in picture tubes

  ventanas 08:47 26 Jul 2005

From the Help file

To create your own picture tubes, create a grid of cells and then fill each cell with an image. The cells can be any size, but picture tubes with larger cells require more memory to use.

Important: This tool works only on raster layers in greyscale and 16 million colour images. To convert a vector layer to a raster layer, choose Layers > Convert to Raster Layer. To increase the colour depth of an image, see Increasing the Colour Depth of an Image.

To create a picture tube:

Choose View > Change Grid, Guide, and Snap Properties, click the Grid tab, set the current horizontal and vertical grids, then click OK. The grid positions are the value in pixels that the width and height of cells will be. Images can be no larger than this cell size.

Choose File > New to open the New Image dialogue.

Set the following options:

Image Dimensions Choose a width and height (in pixels) that are multiples of the horizontal and vertical grid spacing. The width and height of the image determine the total number of cells in the image. For example, if the grid spacing is 100 pixels, create an image of 400 pixels wide by 300 pixels high to have 12 cells (four across and three down).

Image Characteristics Choose Raster Background as the layer type and mark the Transparent check box.

Click OK.

If the grid is not visible, choose View > Grid.

Create one image in each grid square. These squares are the pic­ture tube cells.

Note: To change the size of cells, change the grid size and then use the Canvas Size command to change the canvas size.

Choose File > Export > Picture Tube to open the Export Picture Tube dialogue.

Set the following options:

Cell arrangement Enter the number of cells across and down.

Placement options Choose the default options for this picture tube. You can change these options when you apply the picture tube.

Tube name Enter the file name of the tube. The extension .Psp­Tube is automatically added to the file name.

Note: By default, picture tube files are stored in the Picture Tubes folder of the Paint Shop Pro program folder. For information on changing this location, see Setting File Locations.

Click OK. The picture tube is saved.

Close the image file. To edit it later, save it as a .PspImage or other format file.

  jack 08:50 26 Jul 2005

Do you have the full program with manuals?

Pages 224-6 gives it all.
It says Create grid of cells then fill each cell with an image.

Select -veiw-change grid ,guide and snap properties. click the grid tab, set the vert and horiz grids click OK
Choose file>new to open New image dialog.
select the following options image dimensions
W&H in pixels.
Image characteristics - choose Raster background
mark transpaertn
Click OK
That is an extract- enough to set you off I hope

  phildux 09:57 26 Jul 2005

seems difficult for a beginer. can any image be used if where is the best place to get some

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