Paint Shop Pro 8

  hoverman 07:58 17 Sep 2003

When using the cloning tool, is there a way of stopping the cross hair moving around when manipulating the brush?

  MAJ 08:04 17 Sep 2003

The crosshair has to move around, hoverman, else how would you know where you're cloning from. Or have I got your meaning wrong?

  hoverman 08:26 17 Sep 2003

No you haven't got my meaning wrong! I am at present re-doing old copies of a Club journal which were originally produced on a stencil and duplicator. I scan some of the original illustrations via PSP8 and and then use the cloning tool to touch up the result - print from the other side showing through needing to be removed for example. It is frustrating when cloning to have the haircross move over part of the illustration which is reproduced on a area which should be blank. It would be great to be able to select a point on the illustation and not have the crosshair move. Since it can't be done it is obviously something I have to put up with. Hope all that makes sense! Thanks for your quick reply.

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