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  nobbyhigo 23:33 13 Jan 2003
  nobbyhigo 23:33 13 Jan 2003

could you tell me how you remove a face out of one photo and replace it to another body on another shot
cheers nobby

  _chris_ 00:01 14 Jan 2003

How you do it will depend on what kind of end result you want but heres the simplest way

Have both your pics open select the lasso tool and draw around the head you want to move, don't be too fussy about accuracy right now you can tidy it up with the eraser afterwards, make sure both ends of the line meet. Go back to your toolbar and select the arrow/pointer, right click inside the circle you just made, select copy, right click on your other image and select paste as new layer. Now you can position the head you copied onto the body and use the eraser to erase the bits you dont need. Have your toolbox open so you can a bring the size of the eraser down quite small. Now just play around till youre happy. If you erase too much just delete the layer and repeat as before. When youre happy, merge the layers and save your new image.

All this assumes the images are a similar scale, if not you will need to resize it first.

As I said thats a very simplistic way but if ya wanna get more complicated and achieve better results you can play with the eraser settings and use the retouch tool and clone brush for example and play around with the colour mix to achieve a perfect match.

  nobbyhigo 00:37 14 Jan 2003

thats great easy to understand watch me go
cheers nobby

  shifty 08:21 14 Jan 2003

When you use the lasso tool try setting it at smart edge with feather set at around 18. This way when you select around the image it doesn't create a flat sharp edge. Click on part of the edge of the image you want to copy with your left mouse button, and work your way around the image pressing the mouse button occasionally along the image as it changes direction keeping the cross on the screen along the edge you require. Once you have gone round your required image and you are back where you started click the right mouse button. This will then select around the image feathering the edge. You can then either copy and paste the new image onto your new picture, or if you want to tidy up the image or adjust the colour etc, you can paste it as a new image. Once you've done your adjustments click copy again and then paste into your new image. I use smart edge all the time, you will find going around someone's head or around an image of a dog etc that it picks up on the hair sticking out of the image rather than creating a sharp edge like a scissor cut. It may sound complicated but have a practise on a few different images and you will soon find it a doddle and quick.

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