Paint Shop Pro 7 won`t print in colour

  anchor 18:01 30 Oct 2005

I have both Paint Shop Pro versions 7 and 9, and use an Epson 895 for my colour printing.

Something strange has happened; version 7 will now only print in black & white. The same picture when printed from version 9 comes out in all its colour. It is also fine when printing a colour document from MS Word. It used to be OK.

I have tried removing v7 from the PC, and re-installing, but it is still the same. I don`t know when the problem started because its some time since I last did any colour printing. I use a Samsung laser, (connected via parallel port) for normal printing. The 895 is connected via USB.

You may ask why do I want the two versions?; well I find I still use v7 mostly, because I am so very familiar with it.

Has anyone any ideas?.

  Djohn 18:07 30 Oct 2005

Open version 7 then go to Print view and you will find that also wil show in B/W. Its because you have your laser printer set as the default printer in version 7. At least I think that's the answer because it happened to me with adobe elements.

While in version 7, go to file/print and look in the top window, you will most likely see your laser printer as the default one, change it back to the colour printer.

  anchor 18:55 30 Oct 2005

Thank you Djohn for your reply. Yes, print view was in black & white.

I had changed the printer from the laser to the Epson in file/print, but it made no difference.

  Djohn 20:31 30 Oct 2005

Can you try going into your printer properties from control panel and check the colour printer is the default printer with a tick against it please.

Also it may be that a reboot is all that is needed to make it the default printer in version 7 of PSP.

Any work that you have saved on your machine that is associated with the laser printer will still try to default to same when loaded.

I have several documents/posters that were first printed with my laser printer, if I load these up although the posters will show on the screen as colour, they still show as B/W in preview and of course will print to the laser printer by default unless I change the option just prior to printing.

I've now found the best way is to leave my Cannon i85 as the default, then switch over to the laser when required.

Don't worry though, I'm sure we can put this right. Try altering to the colour printer then a reboot of your machine first though please.

  Simsy 20:43 30 Oct 2005

go to File>Page Setup

There is an option there for "Print Output" to be set to "Greyscale"

Perhaps that has somehow got set, instead of the "Colour" option?



  BRYNIT 22:30 30 Oct 2005

May be a silly question but have you checked that grey scale is not selected in PSP print setup.

  anchor 08:35 31 Oct 2005

Simsy and BRYNIT:

Yes, that was the answer; reset to colour and all OK. Sometimes one can miss the obvious.


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