Paint Shop Pro 7 and Vista

  grumpy-git 00:10 03 Mar 2008

I've always found PSP very quick for cropping photos with the cropping tool, and always kept the same photo proportions of 9 x 6.

Just installed it onto a Vista pc but when cropping the image & left clicking, only 1 side of the cropping tool moves & so the proportions change.

I know it was a long time ago that I installed it on an XP machine, but have I forgotten something within the settings, or is it not compatible with Vista?


  brundle 00:34 03 Mar 2008

Click inside the crop area to move the whole thing, click on or near a line to move that edge.

  grumpy-git 01:21 03 Mar 2008

Perhaps I didn't explain the problem very well. I know how to move the edge of the crop area, but I want to keep the same proportions or ratio of the image, so if I drag the top edge down I want a side edge to move in as well - so that the image will always be 6 "units" wide by 4 "units" high.


  brundle 01:37 03 Mar 2008

Understood,I'm not very familiar with PSP. Perhaps this is what you're after ; "! Click the 'Maintain aspect ratio' checkbox in the Crop tool Tool Options palette to ensure the aspect ratio is not changed when you move the sides of the crop rectangle. When you are happy with your selection, double-click to complete cropping the image!"

from click here

  brundle 01:44 03 Mar 2008

Seems to be v8 on though

  grumpy-git 08:11 03 Mar 2008

Your wording of "maintain aspect ratio" describes it exactly, brundle. The option is not there on the cropping tool palette.

It was never a problem with XP. Maybe just a Vista problem - I will have to try it again with XP, at least I can access PSP help files, not like on the Vista machine.


  grumpy-git 09:55 03 Mar 2008

I obviously don't think straight when using a laptop! Answer is to move the cursor to the crop line on the image, then hold down the shift key & left click, then use the cursor to move the crop line.

So easy with a mouse, but much more difficult using a laptop without a mouse.


(age is catching up with me)

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