Painfully slow internet

  Steve A 09:06 08 Nov 2008

I moved over to TalkTalk internet about a year ago from Orange Broadband. Since then I have experienced very slow connection, which didn't appear to happen at first but now is almost always occuring.

Basically, pages stop loading, for example if I open a YouTube video it stops after loading about 20%. This also happens with downloads. Anything larger than about 3mb and it stops.

This isn't just the size of the content though, as it happens on text pages like a google search results page too.

I've done some searching on the net and seen many people say it's because of the amount of traffic slowing down connections, but again this isn't the issue. It happens at all times of the day, for example I tried this morning before 7am and couldn't load anything pretty much.

Is this likely to be a TalkTalk issue as I never had any problems with my broadband connection when I was on Orange Broadband. Is it worth me looking for a different supplier?


  Sea Urchin 09:48 08 Nov 2008

"Is this likely to be a TalkTalk issue as I never had any problems with my broadband connection when I was on Orange Broadband"

Presumably you left Orange for some reason? Have you contacted TalkTalk about this problem - your connection certainly shouldn't be like that. Sign up to the TT Forum - the postings are read and acted upon by the TT admin

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  woodchip 10:58 08 Nov 2008

Have you tried turning of your router at the back of the router with Button or Switch? leave off for five minutes then restart it.

  woodchip 10:59 08 Nov 2008

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  birdface 11:02 08 Nov 2008

Or try command prompt and type in. ipconfig /flushdns a little gap between ipconfig and forward slash or it will not should then tell you DNS cache has been flushed.

  RobCharles1981 11:47 08 Nov 2008

Steve A

It looks like to me your a victim of "Traffic Shaping" What Speed are you on 8mb 2mb?

Do a speedtest click here

And your current IP profile....

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Could be bad wiring? Follow the guide here for guidance......

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