Painfully slow ie

  naineysman 19:55 20 Apr 2010

Following on from some great advice in these forums I offered to assist my friend with some Malware issues.

1) I ran rkill to stop an XP antivirus Malware issue.
2) I ran Malwarebytes successfully
3) I've ran superantispyware successfully
4) I've ran ccleaner successfully,
5) I've installed AVG free
6) Everything above up to date
7) Deleted ie history, cookies, etc (whole 9 yards)
I've also defragmented the hard drive.

PC is running sweet now but ie is painfully slow to load initially, web pages open ok once we are up and running.

I've loaded Firefox and it runs no problem, any further advice?

Compaq AMD 512Mb RAM

  ame 20:01 20 Apr 2010

Try resetting IE? Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab> Reset button. You will lose favourites and other settings.

  naineysman 20:21 20 Apr 2010

i've tried that and now i've uninstalled ie8 and am back with ie7 but its still dreadful to load??

  ame 20:24 20 Apr 2010

What's it like if you disable/uninstall AVG?

  naineysman 20:40 20 Apr 2010

but not great, although it is quicker by about 50%,

do you suggest alternatives to AVG

ps I was running Superantispyware as well, trying with that off now.

  ame 20:46 20 Apr 2010

Yes best to set SAS not to run automatically and only use it when you want. Suggest you try Microsoft Security Essentials which is known to be pretty "light" on pc performance drains. click here

  birdface 20:48 20 Apr 2010

Try command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns then press should tell you DNS cache has been flushed if so reboot computer and see if it is running any better.

Another to try.

click here

Download that and make sure ad-blocker is ticked and mini download manager is unticked.
That should open pages a bit quicker.

Try msconfig to see how many programs are in start up untick the ones you do not need running at start up.

  naineysman 20:51 20 Apr 2010

currently reinstalling AVG, have switched SAS to NOt run on startup, will try flushdns and see?

  naineysman 20:53 20 Apr 2010

I was surprised to see this was only fitted with 512 mb RAM but it is a few years old now,

Its an AMD Athlon 6400 processor, will it go better if I shove 2Gig RAM in it?

  ame 20:55 20 Apr 2010

Xp will run ok on 512mb ram, 1gb better for general use, 2gb plenty for more demanding tasks except proper gaming.

  ame 20:57 20 Apr 2010

Still suggest you dump AVG and use MSE - it has a good reputation and doesn't slow down your pc as much.

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