painfully slow dial up please!

  [DELETED] 19:24 18 Aug 2003

Evening all,
I'm at my father in laws PC and he is using Onetel 1p per minute the Connection rate is very low and this is being typed at 26.4 kbps.
I have seen this PC run at 50 and a bit less. It was previously set to run with Saga but we changed it for various reasons. It was also running at a similkar speed with Saga before we changed over.
Is there a small and quick utility one can download from 'net to analyse the settings please?
Any other tips in the mean time?

He has over an hours worth of critical updates to d'load here, and I really would like it to be running better before I even try it!
The gain on the line has been checked previously, so we should be ok there.

All contributions are welcome

  [DELETED] 19:56 18 Aug 2003

Have increased the port speed to 115200 now and no increase in my speed.
Someone was talking about putting comma's after the dial up code....I shall try that for the hell of it.

Any other ideas please

  [DELETED] 20:32 18 Aug 2003

Why not try this click here it's a 30 day trial, just to see if it makes a difference. Let us know if it works!

  [DELETED] 20:56 18 Aug 2003

Have book marked that one and will try in the morning now.
Just connected using uk2 (local call rate ISP) and that was offering 24 kbps too ;-(

So the Onetel ISP seems to be alright I guess.

Please, anyone else with an idea?



  [DELETED] 22:07 18 Aug 2003

They wanted $56 so I gave it a miss thanks albeit I could cancel if I wanted to down the line.

Please PC Advisor people...any takers?

Thanks as always,


  [DELETED] 22:16 18 Aug 2003

If a 'quality' modem, which should connect around 44000 bps or better, won't go there, then it is usual that there is telephone line noise preventing a higher rate.

If the connection is via an extension cable, try moving the PC nearer to the wall socket and using the supplied modem cable. Extension cables, especially the cheaper ones, have poor connections and/or 'lossy' cable.

Also try another modem to telephone socket cable, the one you are using may be suspect.

Also try unplugging all other telephones in the house.

Also ring BT on 150, and ask for a line gain for modem usage.

  [DELETED] 22:31 18 Aug 2003

Hi Nick - When you say you increased your port speed I assume you mean went into modem properties and made maximum port speed 115200 ? Did you disconnect then re-connect after doing this ? Also it's sometimes worth disconnecting then reconnecting when you're getting low kbps.

  [DELETED] 12:57 19 Aug 2003

Still no joy here I'm afraid.
I have wheeled the whole thig out into the hallway and put the phone nsocket straight into the first main socket and I found the speed to be much the same really.
There are no other phones plugged in throughout the house. There are 3 extension sockets here in total BTW. The modem phone cable does look a little weedy, but it is the same as we used when getting high 40'speed.
Yes, I reconnected after setting it up to 115200 but still no change.
As I say, I've called BT in the past just to ensure we are ok, but this will have to be done again to be on the safe side.

Any other thoughts people?

Thanks very much to you all so far,


  [DELETED] 13:20 19 Aug 2003

The length of your internal cabling will not make one jot of differnce to your connection speed. There are probably several miles between the exchange and your house, a few extra metres will have no detrimental effect at all.

Contact BT and ask if the line is Dac'd (ie. shared). If it is then you may not be able to achieve better than you now have.

regards, M

  [DELETED] 15:05 19 Aug 2003

is there any way you can try PC in your own house - - -you know your own lines OK right ?? I think the way forward now is to ascertain if the problem is with the modem/PC or the location.
Is there a way of trying your own PC at your father-in-law's ??

  [DELETED] 09:51 21 Aug 2003

I called BT this morning to ask them to investigate the gain level. The line is not dac'd (it came up coincidentally when talking with them), but I do hear a bit of crackle on the line and I am beginning to strongly suspect the line itself.
We may find in a day or so an improvement when the gain is done...though I have asked before so it may already be at 'high'.

I really wish I bought my laptop down now, as it would have eliminated the line/PC question. Can't really take this one away as I am 3+ hr. drive away.

How do I tell which is the master phone socket out of the three? They all look much the same to me...though the one in the hallway is probably it as the other two are in the bed rooms.

I shall leave this as resolved for now as I think I have had all the help that I might reasonably expect from your good-selves.

Many thanks for bearing with me.


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