Painfully slow 600k broadband

  joelmb 18:14 04 May 2004

I've got an NTL 600k Broadband connection which 99% of time works fine. Today however its gone horribly slow all of a sudden. I called NTL suspecting it was their service but was told there was no problems their end.

He then directed me to use 'Netstat -a' command from run prompt. This says i have about 25 programs or apps listed as 'Listening' on my connection which he reckons there should be only 11 or so and thus are accounting for the slow down. So i ran spyware and adaware but they find nothing. I uninstalled Kazaa in case this was causing problems, and although ever so slightly faster now, still have too many progs 'Listening'.

Any idea how i can choose which I need, and permanently prevent those unwanted 'Listening' progs?

  Lobsang 18:19 04 May 2004

I'm using 150k bb, just typed in that command and i have 20 - 30 listening programs, but my speed is same as always.

  Wes Tam ;-) 18:34 04 May 2004

Could be something to do with the planned service maintenance they mention on their service page click here perhaps.

  Brian-318590 19:32 04 May 2004

hi is that command on win xp?i can,t get it to work

  TommyRed 19:46 04 May 2004

I get it to work but it closes nearly as quick as it opens, not giving me time to read the results. Any ideas?

slugo, I'm on XP and it does work though not correctly for me, ensure there is a space after Netstat and before -a, and no highlights ' HTH TR

  VoG II 19:48 04 May 2004

Start, Run, type in


and click OK

then type

netstat -a

at the > prompt and press Enter.

  accord 19:50 04 May 2004

click here

its fine here on my 600k

  Brian-318590 19:56 04 May 2004

got it to work 11 listening points

  keith-236785 20:39 04 May 2004

winxp pro, 19 Listening on my system, NTL is runing fast then slow tonight, Huddersfield area.

if you want to try something, power down your pc, unplug your modem for about two minutes then plug back in, wait till you get solid lights on your modem then power up your pc again, see if that helps.

  Andybear 20:52 04 May 2004

I've got 600k BB. 25 listening points and it's faster tonight than it's been for yonks - North Hertfordshire area. (It'll probably go up the creek, now I've said that!!)

  joelmb 21:09 04 May 2004

It's weird, since posting this originally it sped up, but now has slowed down again on certain sites including this one - this page took about 2 minutes to load! Infuriating. I think its more to do with NTL Cardiff (here) than any malware listening on the connection.

Ive done an online click here speed test which although the page takes a while longer than it normally does to load, reports 597 which is fine. Really confused!

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