Paging/Swap File

  peterleemaxwell 13:46 22 Sep 2003

On my main small hard drive (4.3Gb) that I just use for the O.S., I have 'Paging/Swap files' that seem to be getting larger and taking all the spare space on the drive. Can anyone explain what these are and how I can keep them at a low size or even swop them to my other drive? Thanks for any help.

  Jester2K II 13:49 22 Sep 2003

Paging/Swap File - is temporary memory used by Windows.

The swap file can be moved to another drive - i have mine on its own 2 Gb partition.

What version of Windows are you using?

  peterleemaxwell 14:05 22 Sep 2003

Hi Jester2K II,
Thanks for your quick reply. I'm using Win. XP Pro. I'm finding afer using the m/c trouble free for a long time without any problems, that are major, to now finding space always running out on the drive. I have a 2Ghz. CPU, and 512 of ram.
The second H.D. has a mass of spare room.

  Jester2K II 14:10 22 Sep 2003

Right click My Computer, Advanced, Performance Settings, Advanced, Virtual Memory

Highlight the drive you want the swap file on. Select System Managed Size and click SET.

Select the drive you don't want it on and select No Paging File and click SET.

Verify the setting by clicking on each drive in turn. Click OK until you get to the desktop.


You may need to delete the old Paging File.

  peterleemaxwell 14:28 22 Sep 2003

Thanks Jester2K II. The very best of Wishes to you.

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