paging files and memory

  preston 21:18 03 Apr 2005

Does anyone know how to allocate paging file size. I can get up to the virtual memory page but i cannot allocate memory for the paging file.
Recommended says "768mb" but currently allocated says "0". how do i fix this.

  Steve N 23:47 03 Apr 2005

What OS do you have?

  Chegs ® 02:36 04 Apr 2005

If you right-click My Computer(icon)...

Left-Click /Properties/Advanced/Performance/Advanced/Virtual Memory/Change

In the window above the Minimum Allowed/Recommended/Currently Allocated...

You can select

Custom Size

Initial Size

Max Size

System Manged Size

No Paging File

If your using a Custom Size,you can set Min/Max sizes,but if I read your question correctly your wanting to know how to set the "Currently Used" size...

The short answer is you carn't,that figure is dependant on what apps are running and the OS allocates it as its needed(but within the defined limits,if your using a Custom Size)

I dont use a paging file(I have plenty of RAM)yet my figures are...

Min Allowed = 2Mbs

Recommended = 1534Mbs

Currently Allocated = 0Mbs

When it was a Custom Size,I think it was still showing as 0Mbs allocated(but as changing its settings to check would require a reboot,I wont bother)

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