Paging File size increase

  Dirty Dick 09:01 07 Oct 2005

A message keeps appearing on my laptop saying that it is running low on virtual memory and Windows is about to increase the size of the paging file. Why is this happening and waht is the paging file? Whem I press Cont + Alt + Del and then on the Performance tab, it shows that the PF Usage is running at about 500 MB.



  bremner 09:25 07 Oct 2005

click here for an explanation of what it is.

How much RAM do you currently have and do you have on board graphics or a seperate graphics card.

There are two ways to deal with the problem.

1. Increase the size of the page file.

2. Buy more RAM which I would recommend.

  gudgulf 09:45 07 Oct 2005

I agree with bremner.......although you don't really need to do anything with the Page File settings.If there isn't enough total memory available from both the RAM and Page File to run the applications you have open Windows will automatically increase the Page File size to what it needs.Hence the message.

It is not an error message,just Windows letting you know it is doing it's job.

It also means that you will have a lot of information being moved around between the RAM and the much slower Page File so increasing the amount of RAM will be a good idea.It should speed your system up a bit..

You should also check what programs you have loading at start up.........If you have a lot they could well be hogging a sizable portion of your available memory before you even run a program.

  Dirty Dick 12:26 28 Oct 2005

.... I was working on a PowerPoint presentation with about 100 x 2MB photos, and for some reason it was saved to my desktop. Have now reduced the photo sizes and stored in My Documents.

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