Pages not it my connection?

  hawthorn59 14:08 28 Apr 2008


I notice in my new laptop some pages wont load at all, or are very slow. So thinking it may be the laptop, I get my old laptop (which I still have at the moment) and tried the exact same searches on google.

it was the same on both laptops, so its not the new laptop. Of the first 5 search results only 1, the first one, opened instantly.

Would anyone be so kind as to try that experiment and see what happens? I searched in google for

"best digital camera under €200" (no sniggering at my budget please....!)

I hope you have the same problem(!) then I'll know its not my provider. If it is then I'll take it from there.



  recap 14:20 28 Apr 2008

The search worked for me.

click here

  MCE2K5 14:26 28 Apr 2008

As recap, Ditto.

  Pineman100 14:54 28 Apr 2008

I tried the search and opened the first five results. Virtually instant every time.

As you've had this problem on two different computers, do you think your internet connection could be suspect? How do other URL's behave?

  hawthorn59 16:51 28 Apr 2008

Generally ok but yes some pages are slow to load. My nephew is into computers and has the same provider. He built a website for a friend but couldnt view it on Firefox on his (my nephews) computer, but at work he COULD view the site on Firefox. He said the provider needed to empty something or other , sorry i cant remember, I'll ask him. So maybe its something similar.

When you all say the searches were successful Im presuming each link opened quickly..?

What could my providers problem be?


  wee eddie 16:57 28 Apr 2008

Try turning the Phishing Filter "OFF". It's in IE Tools

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