Pages jump when viewed in Firefox

  slowhand_1000 17:13 03 May 2005

I've put a site together for a friend and when viewed in IE all seems ok. But when viewing with Firefox some of the pages jump sideways about 2-3 mm. My friends not too bothered about it but I'd like to get it right if I can.

The pages were generated from a template page and I've looked at the code for ages and can't see anything wrong that shouts at me. Though I'm afraid it would have to shout really loud for me to see it.

The link to the site if anyone wouldn't mind having a look is click here


  LeadingMNMs 19:26 03 May 2005

Just had a quick look and theres one thing I noticed. All the pages that 'jump' are long, whereas the OK ones are short. When I looked at your code, your telling the table to be 586 pixels high - enough for the small pages but the larger pages expand the table.

Try either removing the height attribute entirely, or making it large enough for the individual pages.

  LeadingMNMs 19:33 03 May 2005

Actually ignore that bit about changing the heights. The problem is not with the code, and isn't really that much of a problem.

Firefox doesn't display a scroll bar when the page doesn't require one, however one is obviously displayed when the page is too long for the window. When the scroll bar is displayed, the width available to the page is reduced and hence the centre moves to the left - meaning that your pages 'jump' to the left.

  Forum Editor 19:35 03 May 2005

is that you have a very nice little site there, very nice indeed - well done.

As to your problem - when you view the site in IE take a look at the right-hand side of the screen. Can you see a blank scroll-bar?

Now view the site in Firefox. See the scroll-bar coming and going? That's what makes the page appear to jump - the browser is inserting a vertical scroll-bar when it needs to, because of the increased page length. On shorter pages there's no need, so no jump. IE holds a ghost bar there when the pages don't require a scroller, so there's no jump. Clever, isn't it?

  slowhand_1000 00:01 04 May 2005

I knew I should have asked the question in here before I spent hours lookinh at the code. That will teach me.

Looks like it means that from now on future pages will have to be either all short in length, or all long enough to require a scroll bar :-)

LeadingMNMs and FE thankyou both for the replies. FE thanks a lot for the comment.

Thanks again


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