Pages to fit in smaller screens - need advise :-)

  vanilla_sky 13:47 09 Mar 2007

I have finished creating my first website, and all the pages have a table that is 791 pixels wide as a frame, and inside it are other smaller tables. I would like to make sure that users with smaller screens can see the whole page (from left to right). Does anyone know how can I do this ?
All the tables were designed using CSS.
Thank you soooooooo much for any advise !

  splatter 22:03 09 Mar 2007

try defining the tables width in % instead of pixels. Browsers will (should) then scale the tables down ti fit what ever screen resolution it is being displayed on. However, sometimes this may not work, for example if you have a 300px wide image inside the table, the table very minimum width can only ever be 300px!

Another step may be to replace your tables using pure CSS, though this means learning CSS, but since its your first website it may be a bit too much to learn.

  vanilla_sky 18:26 11 Mar 2007

Hi Splatter ! Thanks for your help ! I tried changing the tables width to % but then everything becomes so disorganized :-( All the tables inside the main one change positions. I used CSS to do the tables (and text), what you mean is that it might be better without the tables ? Is it too bad if I upload the site to the web tomorrow (even though the problem isn't fixed yet) and then perhaps you can tell me how can I fix it ?

  splatter 12:02 13 Mar 2007

if you can get it online (even if its just one page) then it would be much easier to see whats happening.

I would recommend using a purly CSS layout if possible as it really is the way forward. I'll help as much as possible, though my CSS and HTML skills are a little rusty since I never hand-code anymore lol

Maybe somebody like PurplePenny could also help though?

  vanilla_sky 17:43 13 Mar 2007

Hi Splatter !

I think it is now working, even though I didn't change the width to %. Have a look : click here How do you like it ?

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