Pagemaker' need page sequence for booklet printing

  Sethhaniel 14:28 08 Feb 2005

Using Pagemaker 7 to print A5 newsletter 24 pages including covers - set A4 landscape with column guide to split into two A5 -
IS there a formula to work out on which pages to put multi page articles so that on print out everything is in sequence ???

  shellship 14:32 08 Feb 2005

Can't help you with Pagemaker but I use Blue Squirrel's Clickbook - click here - for A5 booklets and it's excellent.

  toxin 15:42 08 Feb 2005

Hi there, Seph!

For what it's worth, harking back to my old days of some 60 yrs ago when I was studying for my C&G in Letterpress printing; The simplest formula I know is this:-
Odd page numbers on the Right hand side
Each pair of pages adds up to one more than the total pages in the booklet.

i.e page 24 on left - page 1 on right
page 8 on left - page 17 on right

Otherwise get some sheets from a small notepad,
fold in half, collate 6 sheets together, number the pages, thus making yourself a dummy. This is the way we used to prove it, if we couldn't rely always on our memory!

Hope this helps, Toxin

  Sethhaniel 15:52 08 Feb 2005

Ok will give that a try - and see what happens :)

  Sethhaniel 16:28 08 Feb 2005

1-24 2-23 22-3 4-21 20-5 6-19 18-7 8-17 18-9 10-15 14-11 12-13


  Pesala 16:30 08 Feb 2005

PageMaker 6.5 used to have a booklet making macro plugin to automate the process. So long since I used it that I've forgotten, but it should definitely still be available in Pagemaker 7. Just search the helpfile index for booklets.

  Sethhaniel 08:16 09 Feb 2005

had look at booklet plugin - but it was cler as mud how and what it does - plus you could not use it on an already open pagemakerfile - and didn't have pagemaker file as a type it recognised when started fresh ????
Anyway I've printed out the correct order and pasted it underscreen for when I import text etc........

The correct sequence page 1 thru 12 as:
24-1 2-23 22-3 4-21 20-5 6-19 18-7 8-17 16-9 10-15 14-11 12-13 - giving me a 24page A5 booklet ;)

  Pesala 09:08 09 Feb 2005

If you want to do things the hard way its up to you. The plugin is there and works well enough. It really is not difficult, though it is not perfect. You may have to tweak the end result a bit, but it is still much easier than manually rearranging the pages.

Making booklets in Serif Page Plus is much easier. It costs a lot less than PageMaker, produces professional results, but is far easier to use. See this thread on the Serif Forum: click here

  Sethhaniel 09:27 09 Feb 2005

or should I say salesman for serif!!!! ;)
as that is what there line is -
I have and using pagemaker for the last fourteen years so why should I fork out more money for a program that is not as good ( talking from experience - did same task on both programs on Pagemaker got the finished result on Serif Page Plus had text and no graphics )
Anda s the Serif salesman said this program is almost as good as Pagemaker so I said well i'm already using Pagemaker - and after about half an hour of him not getting it he'd knocked 70% off price plus thrown in free tablet etc etc and I'm still not interested.
You quote 'though it is not perfect' - I now know what sequence the pages are so to import text to correct page of layout is 'simple' :)

  Pesala 10:07 09 Feb 2005

No, you shouldn't insult me by calling me a salesman for Serif. I'm a loyal user who has also used PageMaker extensively, and Microsoft Publisher.

Though I no longer use it, I still have PageMaker Classic installed (a £50 re-release of PM4 after PM5 came out). I used it for several long books, and it did a fine job, but that was 12 years ago. No way could I recommend paying £511.13 for Pagemaker 7 as opposed to £100 for Page Plus.

Now that you have got your booklet sorted, try adding another 16 pages to it, and see how easy it is to reflow the text, and update the headers and page numbers.

The simple fact is that Page Plus is easier to use, cheaper, and almost as powerful as PageMaker. In some areas it is more powerful. If you read the thread above you will see that professionals with access to Quark Express and Indesign still prefer to use Page Plus because it is more productive.

Most software will do the job if you know how to use it, but some is a lot easier to learn.

  Sethhaniel 11:35 09 Feb 2005

no offence intended -
having just emptied my inbox of 'serif adverts' and spam box of 'Serif adverts' - and do you know anyone who wants a free 'serif mouse' that crashes computers-
I dont doubt that serif and other programs will be catching up on Pagemaker - but I know I can go home in a half hour dinner break - and add a couple of pages complete to a Pagemaker document - and pictures - text - etc and they will go where I want them and be where I want them
And if I have the best - which I am familiar with and can obtain the results I need - why clutter the computer and my mind with inferior IMOHA products ;)

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