Pagefile.sys not where it's meant to be!!!

  Mysticnas 10:19 28 Apr 2006

Hi all,

Just trying to streamline my pc etc..

I analysed C drive before i defragged it and the only fragmented file was a 2gb pagefile.sys.

This is kind of strange as I've set the pagefile on a seperate physical drive (drive X).

Anyway i've checked to make sure that the pagefile IS set on a different drive and it is.

I've also searched for this pagefile.sys and can't find it anywhere on my pc at all, neither on C drive or X drive.

Any help please???

here i've got a screen shot of it.

click here

basically it's where it shouldn't be. I've even set it to 0 now and rebooted for settings to take effect but it still shows has haveing 2GB pagefile!?!?!

I've tried deleting the pagefile.sys but it says it's in use.

However, the pagefile.sys on X drive, the one that was meant to be use was able to be deleted and wasn't modified since yesterday....

What's going on????


I thought i'd sorted it! rebooted in safemode again and it showed correctly, no page file on C: and the correct amount on X:.

Defragged and rebooted to desktop and there you... it's back on C drive again! yet it's not showing as being set on C drive.

I must have something running on my system that's setting it to C drive as default.

Any ideas anyone??

  VoG II 10:26 28 Apr 2006

Not sure but have a read click here

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