Pagefile anomoly when dual booting XP and 98se

  Mike (UK) 18:03 30 Nov 2003

I have come across an interesting problem. I am aware that when using 98 on C: and XP Pro on D: (say) XP puts a boot.ini on C: however I get the pagefiles automatically on c: even if I go into advanced settings and specify a fixed pagefile for d: In fact there is always one on c: and it also appears on d: everyother boot, does anyone know thecause of this problem.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:35 30 Nov 2003

The pagefile on C may be the Win98 one although I don't think that it is called a page file.

If you have set something on XP for "best performance" or the like, it may automatically move the pagefile to another partition, other than the one on which the OS is loaded, and thus override the settings you have specified.

  Mike (UK) 19:55 30 Nov 2003

I have two 'pagefiles' on C: the pagefile for the winxp and also swapfile for 98. When I boot into XP , the pagefile is always on c: but every boot I also have one on d:, so as I dont truly understand it, I have set a fixed xp page file on c: and d: (but the d: one only appears every other boot to xp which seems a little strange.

  temp003 11:05 01 Dec 2003

Don't know whether you have done this, but when you set the page file in XP, you need to highlight the relevant partition, and enter the correct figures, then click "Set".

So, if you don't want a pagefile on C (or whichever partition), you need to highlight the C partition, then in the initial and maximum boxes, enter 0 in both boxes. click set. Then highlight the D partition, and set the correct figures. Click Set. Then click OK, OK.

  Mike (UK) 13:28 01 Dec 2003

Yes: I do that, set 0 and 0 in c: (booted in XP) and 766 and 766 for fixed pagefile in d: box. Every time i boot, there is always 766 pfile in c: (every boot)and also 766 in d: (where it should be) only on every other boot. I can only think its something to do with dual booting i.e. NTdetect and boot.ini is on c: and all xp system stuff is on d: c: drive always has a swapfile for its win98se and also a pfile for xp which is on d:

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