no1ghoul 04:13 05 Oct 2003

I installed a game called Championship Manager 01/02 recently. No probs during installation, but when I go to play it, it tells me that I don't have enough memory and to free system memory and try again. I am running XP home on a P4 2.8GHz, with hyperthreading and 1GB DDR 3200 RAM, so I know it's not the RAM. XP home sets the pagefile at 1.5 times the installed memory, which means that my pagefile was set at 1535mb. I changed my settings to run my system with no pagefile at all and the game now works fine. Is there a downside to running my system with no pagefile at all?
Any suggestions would be welcome and thanks in advance

  powerless 04:35 05 Oct 2003

Pagefile is only used when no RAM is avaiable so it sticks everything in the pagefile, where it will become slower as it is on your hard drive.

Hard is slower than memory but it keeps the computer running.

With 1 gig of RAM XP just sticks everything in RAM where it should faster...

If XP has a problem it will tell you.

  no1ghoul 13:37 05 Oct 2003

So as long as I don't have any error messages it should be fine, great news.

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