PageDefrag by SysInternals

  Cesare 11:53 11 Jun 2006

A friend recommended the above as it will improve my PC performance. He also suggested NtRegopt which compacts the registry. Has anyone used these files and are they safe yo use or of any real use please? Thanks.

  Rigor mortis 12:22 11 Jun 2006

No problems in years of use on Windows2000 and XP.
Defrags and compacts the Registry which must be good - no objective way of telling the consequences of not using them. The W2K install ran from 1999 to late last year - very stable.
One of my XP installations is just over 3 years old - no problems. They are NOT for W95/98/ME.

  The Spires 13:13 11 Jun 2006

I have used NtRegopt for some time without any problems.

  Cesare 14:48 11 Jun 2006

Thank you both. I will try them. regards.

  Haol 14:53 11 Jun 2006

Anything by SysInternals is trustworthy and will definently work, these guys know what they are doing.

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