page wont display in IE

  whatsupdoc 22:23 27 Feb 2004

Ive just up loaded my friends basic website to his ntl free space. if i type in the URL for my free space it works fine in IE and mozzilla. how ever if i log onto my domain from oneandone it gets to the first page and none of the links work to my other pages but it works fine in mozzilla with all links working.


  whatsupdoc 14:03 28 Feb 2004

any ideas please. i presume its something in the redirection settings at oneand one. its odd how i get the first index page but blank links after that , but works when i use ntl address

  Forum Editor 16:01 28 Feb 2004

but I found your explanation confusing.

1. You've uploaded a friend's website to his freespace.

2. If you type in the url for YOUR freespace it works OK.

3. If you log on to your domain from oneandone it gets to the first page.

What does all that mean? Can you explain it again, and this time post some urls so we can take a look?

  whatsupdoc 16:55 28 Feb 2004

click here

click here

carvalet site is supposed to redirect to ntl homepage site. in my ie6 browser if i type in i can see the index page but all the links are bringing up a blank page. however if i type in the ntl homepage site all works fine.

my apologies for being ambiguous or just plain stupid. it happens to most of us sometimes.

regards nick.

  Taran 17:10 28 Feb 2004

You haven't uploaded the pages properly or your navigation links point to the wrong files in relation to the parent page.


The How to find us button points to this address:


Clicking on it does nothing but load up an empty white space. If I manually copy the link location and add it to your address so that it reads like this: the page loads up.

What's happening is that your redirect isn't actually loading up the NTL page at all. IF you check the browser address it remains and I'd imagine that you haven't uploaded the files to that address - probably the main index page is there, and that's about it.

For this to work you need to redirect from one to another site so that any buttons link to the pages on the second web server. At the moment your address page sits there without redirecting to the NTL page. The NTL links work because the files are there to find when you click the link.

If you get stuck with your page redirect post again.

  whatsupdoc 17:40 28 Feb 2004

of sitting in front of my desk learning ms server and all those exams and what i thought was a simple task has stumped me.

my friend bought an address from oneandone and i told him he could use my free web space. he sent me the files. one says index.HTML and the other is a folder with all the images and the other pages.
i fired up terrapin and dragged the index.HTML file into terrapin and did the same with the folder called index_files. he gave me his account details for so i went in and set up redirect to homepagentl. when i see him tomorrow hes seriously going to take the mickey. serves me right for volunteering. is it simple cos when i read your explanation and the ntl and terrapin help pages it goes straight over my head. thanks for your helpso far.

  Taran 18:23 28 Feb 2004

I should mention that redirects are a search engine minefield and one quick way of preventing the site from being indexed at all.

If you want the site to be indexed you need to have it on its own domain without redirects or delay a redirect script over 15 or 20 seconds. Anything less than that results in the search engines thinking the worst and they don't even try to index the site.


  whatsupdoc 18:49 28 Feb 2004

ive just deleted all files on ntl freespace and uploaded again using terrapin provided by ntl. it was very easy so im now fairly confident that
click here is fine now. i typed in oneandone domain configuration redirect to click here

still cant get carvalet addy to work past page one. but ntlfreespace works fine.

  Taran 18:57 28 Feb 2004

You do know that setting up a redirect using the 1&1 control panel could take 24 hours or so to update ?

Domain forwarding with most web hosts often takes around 24 hours to sort out so perhaps you should give it a day or so to see what happens.

  whatsupdoc 19:03 28 Feb 2004

but would that explain why i get to index page and not the other pages. would i be better off telling him to use the hosting package on oneandone for 1.99 a month. does the redirect have to point to anything other than ://

  Taran 19:27 28 Feb 2004

Domain forwarding just points to whatever URL you want it to look up. The factors against its use are many and those in favour few.

For the price of hosting I'd say get a dedicated hosted account and have the site files and domain name on its own account with no redirect anywhere in the mix.

Some web hosts charge more and some charge less but at the end of the day there is no substitute for a site under its own name on its own account.

If domain forwarding and redirection worked well for business sites all web designers would be using the system. Since we aren't it's a safe bet that there are better ways of going about things.

Pay for hosting and put the site up there on its own.

Nothing puts people off more than seeing a business site on free web space with a joe.bloggs @ name_of_ISP/~freewebspaceaddress. com style of email address. Having a professional public face can mean the difference between being taken seriously where customers are willing to use your products/services [and pay for them] to being overlooked as an amateur. No offense intended - that's just the way the world works.


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