Page too big for screen

  liloldlady 08:23 18 Aug 2013

Hi, I recently re-started my laptop and when it had restarted i noticed that everything was bigger. I tried the usual control+- and although it made the page smaller I then couldn;t read the words properly. It happens on the internet pages and even the desktop iicons are too big...Please help thanks

  Secret-Squirrel 09:29 18 Aug 2013

liloldlady, for specific advice, let us know your version of Windows. It'll help too if you let us know whether you're using a flat-screen monitor or a CRT (one of the older types that looks like an old-fashioned TV).

  chub_tor 09:36 18 Aug 2013

Secret-Squirrel the OP says that it is a laptop, so not a monitor problem. Jock1e has the answer, it is a screen resolution problem that can be fixed by following the instructions he linked to.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:52 18 Aug 2013

chub_tor, thanks for that - I failed to spot that it was a laptop.

I agree too that it is a resolution problem, so now that we know it's a flat screen display, we know what the resolution needs to be set to:

liloldlady, go into the Display section, locate the "Resolution" slider and move it to its maximum setting then click the "Apply" button to set the screen to its native (normal) resolution.

If you need step-by-step instructions then post back your version of Windows.

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