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  Pesala 23:27 31 May 2003

My Home Page has this code:


META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Bhikkhu Pesala">

in the head tag, but it in the title bar of IE just the website's url is displayed. How should I change it to get Association for Insight Meditation in the title bar?

In a similar vein, could we have different page titles for each PCA forums? click here

  zoomer 23:59 31 May 2003

<title>Association for Insight Meditation</title>

  Forum Editor 00:04 01 Jun 2003

in the way you suggest because they're created dynamically. The threads and posts are retrieved from the databases and put into a page when you request it by clicking on a thread title. When you post in a thread you aren't updating a page, you're sending the text to the database.

  Taran 00:09 01 Jun 2003

Replace your TITLE>Home /TITLE> with the following:

<title>Association for Insight Meditation</title>

Your code as you typed it is incorrect which is why it isn't working as you intended.

TITLE>Home /TITLE> should be <TITLE>Home</TITLE> or it won't work since the tags or not properly formed. HTML depends on its tags beginning with < and ending with > and two tags along the lines of the title need to open with <title> which tells your browser to interpret whatever lies after the title tag as the title in the browser, but this will only work if you correctly close the title tag by finishing it off with </title>.

The line that reads;
META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Bhikkhu Pesala"> is nothing at all to do with the page title.

To give any page a title of your choosing, you need to make sure that the text you use for it is between the following two tags on your page: <title> </title>

The basic structure of a web page is as follows:









Anything between the title tags is the page title, while anything between the <body> </body> tags is what you actually see when you view the page in a browser.

The pages on this forum are a far cry from a home or business site where the content is relatively static or at least known.

These pages are created on the fly when someone posts a new thread by using a lot of comparatively complex Cold Fusion server-side programming. Keeping in mind the time, effort and last but not least the sheer amount of money that this site requires to keep running I'd suggest that page titles, while nice and helpful to have, are not worth implementing on an investment/return basis as far as PCA are concerned. Besides, I think that the "PC Advisor - Expert Advice in Plain English | Discussion" title is fine as it stands - it succinctly summarising what the forums stand for and who provides them.



  Pesala 00:20 01 Jun 2003

I must have delete a < by mistake.
The code generated by NOF is:


which I changed to:

<TITLE>Association for Insight Meditation</TITLE>

but in either case I just get click here in the Opera page bar or the IE Window Title bar.

There are three frames on each page. The header code in each seems to be the same:


<META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Bhikkhu Pesala">
<META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="NetObjects Fusion 2.0.2 for Windows">
<BASE TARGET="_parent">


  Pesala 00:22 01 Jun 2003

which is just this. No title here, so I guess that is the problem.

<FRAME NAME="body" SRC="./body_index.html" SCROLLING="auto" MARGINWIDTH="2" MARGINHEIGHT="2">

  Taran 00:54 01 Jun 2003

Edit your index.html file and put the <title>Association for Insight Meditation</title> between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags, so that you have the following;

<HEAD> <title>Association for Insight Meditation</title> </HEAD>


  Pesala 01:11 01 Jun 2003

I already answered my own question. I guess it could be useful to tinker with a bit.

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