Page size and printing.

  bluto1 18:18 16 Jul 2006

I want to print a page from the internet but some of the ends of sentences are cut off. Is there a way around this? Thanks in advance.

  Belatucadrus 18:20 16 Jul 2006

What browser are you using ?

  Arnie 18:24 16 Jul 2006

Why not just highlight the area required and then copy the text?
Next, open a Word document and paste the text into it.

Go back to the web page and carry on from where you left off to complete the rest of the text.

  Arnie 18:27 16 Jul 2006

And of course tidy up the formatted page/s and then print everything from the Word pages.

  lindyloo4 18:32 16 Jul 2006

I've had that problem.Try printing landscape instead of portrait. It works for me.

  bluto1 18:33 16 Jul 2006


  bluto1 18:34 16 Jul 2006

Thanks ,I`ll try those suggestions

  FelixTCat 18:45 16 Jul 2006

Internet Explorer is famous for this. Since it is also insecure, I now use Firefox, which automatically resizes the page for printing.

Get Firefox here: click here

  bluto1 19:00 16 Jul 2006

Thanks all for the input. I tried lindyloo4`s way first and it worked perfectly well. I`ll give the rest a try later.
FelixTCat, thanks, I`ll do that.

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