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  Yimbo 17:04 14 Nov 2013

My Google Home page looks as though it has been stretched - more like widescreen TV size. Also e.g. when I open a folder in My Pictures, it used to display 11 photos per row - now it's just 8, and they all open in "widescreen" format.

Can I change this back to the size I prefer?

  onthelimit1 18:23 14 Nov 2013

If you hold the Ctrl key down and use the scroll wheel on the mouse you can change the desktop size.

  Yimbo 14:50 15 Nov 2013

Thanks, onthelimit1. I can do what you suggest, but next time I open e.g. Google,it reverts back to what it was before. I really feel that I need to change permanently something to with the aspect/ ratio/ size of what is displayed. Even the log on/off window looks like widescreen. Maybe it's a monitor issue! I just would like to get it back to "normal" for me.

I appreciate your assistance.

  Woolwell 15:04 15 Nov 2013

Which browser are you using?

  Secret-Squirrel 16:52 15 Nov 2013

Yimbo, because you've said this issue occurs with the My Pictures folder and the pictures themselves, I think your screen resolution is wrong.

If you need further help then you'll need to post back your version of Windows and whether you're using a flat-screen monitor or the older CRT type monitor.

  Yimbo 10:01 16 Nov 2013

Thanks folks! I'm using Windows XP (Home)with SP3. My monitor is LG Flatron W2452T. My browser is Google.

I'm grateful for your help!

  Woolwell 10:56 16 Nov 2013

Check that your monitor resolution is set to 1920 x 1200.

How to adjust screen resolution in XP

  Yimbo 12:31 16 Nov 2013

Thank you Woolwell. Followed your link, and everything's OK again!

  Woolwell 12:37 16 Nov 2013

You should thank Secret-Squirrel who put me on the right track.

  Yimbo 12:59 16 Nov 2013

Happy to do so! Thank you Secret-Squirrel. Thanks to all! Glad there's folks like you around!

  bumpkin 13:37 16 Nov 2013

Not 100% sure but I think that the LG monitors have a button on the front that changes the aspect ratio, may not be that but it will only take a few seconds to try.

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