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  Chris the Ancient 09:36 14 May 2004

I'm trying to produce a booklet that is A4 folded in two to give a final A5 booklet.

I've been doing it the hard way (?) using A4 landscape as two columns. However, this is fairly easy with just a couple of pages, but gets more difficult as the page count gets higher.

Yup. I could by a professional program like Pagesetter or some other extremely expensive dtp program. But I'm broke!

Had an (unsuccessful) Google search and (unsuccessful) browse around

Has anyone out there come across a shareware/freeware program that get set out pages reasonable easily?



  Chris the Ancient 15:57 14 May 2004


  Old Shep 16:43 14 May 2004

I used to do a local residents booklet and used Serif Pageplus. The latest edition is Pageplus 9 but earlier editions are free on most computer mags cover disks ( I think they have had one on PCA but cannot remember which edition) You can download a free copy of Pageplus 5.5 from click here which should do what you want. Good Luck.

  Djohn 16:50 14 May 2004

I have the Serif Graphics CD that I no longer require. Includes.

Pageplus 5.0

Photoplus 5.0

Drawplus 3.0

Graphicsplus and 3Dplus.

Drop me your name/postal address if the program is of use to you.

  woodchip 16:54 14 May 2004

What Word processor do you use as in my WordPerfect they can be set under File\ Page setup as default option

  Pesala 17:51 14 May 2004

click here and read this thread.

It is easier in later versions, but still easier in PP5 than it is in Word. Also very easy in WordPerfect as long as you don't have to reprint one or two pages.

  Chris the Ancient 18:59 14 May 2004

Old Shep...
Many thanks for that link shall try following the download later after a nice cup of tea.

What a kind fella. If I may, I'll PM you my name and address and accept the offer with many, many thanks! You're a star!

'Fraid I'm an M$ Word fiend - that's why life is hard!

V-e-e-r-r-y interesting looking thread. I had a *quick* look and will try it in greater depth later.

For all the offers of help, loadsa thanks. I'd been banging my head on a brick wall and losing what little hair I had! It wasn't too bad with, maybe, a maximum of eight sides of A5, but after that, it was getting horrendous.

As always, the forum has come up trumps - and made me wonder why didn't I think of that !


  Djohn 19:12 14 May 2004

Received your mail Chris. I'll pop it in the post in the morning. j.

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