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  ened 14:57 30 Jun 2007

My problem is this:

Since about Tuesday I have been frequently unable to reach pages on the web.

This is totally sporadic and the problem will rectify itself within minutes, likewise I will be sailing along and suddenly grind to a halt. Also if I have two browsers open, one will stop whilst t'other sails on.

It is not specific to any particular websites and during the fail phase I cannot even get Google.

I have tried a System Restore to the beginning of June but I do not think it is my equipment which is at fault.

I have not wasted time/money calling Tiscali help because this happened before for a morning and all I achieved was raised blood pressure.

I have tried their forums but they have not responded, except to ask for a speed test (which was fine on the occasions I could reach the tester) and a list of the sites which are failing.

As I said this has happened once before but was rectified in hours.

What is it likely to be? My gut feeling is either the Tiscali Server or a weakness in the phone line. Either way Tiscali would have to admit to the fault before it would be sorted.

Is it likely to be anything in my settings?

Any suggestions will be gratefully received as I am extremely frustrated and am not able to get on with anything.

  ened 15:22 30 Jun 2007

Is anybody else experiencing this problem?

Initially I thought it might be the weather, but on the Tiscali Forum only one other person has stated they are suffering the same problem.

  ened 15:59 30 Jun 2007

Can anybody help with this?

There is absolutely no pattern - five minutes ago I couldn't even get Google and yet I came straight into this Forum.

I dont't think it is my browser because I have the same problem using Firefox.

  provider 2 16:14 30 Jun 2007


I think no-one has responded for the same reason as you specified yourself ... intermittent failure with no pattern about it is the most difficult to diagnose and all you will get is wild guesses. My own guess is that you have some piece of hardware is showing early signs of its imminent demise.

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