Page margin on MS Word

  herbie53 22:16 30 Jul 2008

Hi, when I change my bottom margin to anything below 3.05cm, I get a warning saying my margins are outside the printable area, and when I click fix, they are set to 3.05cm. I am able to set the top margins to less than this, but not the bottom. Can anyone help? I have an HP deskjet f380 (all-in-one) and Microsoft Word 2000.

  jaraba 23:48 30 Jul 2008

to find out the minimum margins for any printer go to Page/setup & set all the margins to 0.
When it tells you to fix click ok & it will them set the marginjs to the minimum your printer will accept.
In your case if the bottom margin is shown as 3.0cm I would set it to slightly larger.
ie. 3.06+

  jaraba 23:49 30 Jul 2008

In your case if the bottom margin is shown as 3.05cm I would set it to slightly larger.
ie. 3.06+

  woodchip 23:52 30 Jul 2008

MSword is picking up settings for your printer margins, Probably from the Pinter Driver looks like you cannot change the settings. Bottom Margin is always the big one

  woodchip 23:54 30 Jul 2008

When you click Print in word, have you tried changing printer properties before printing

  herbie53 11:20 01 Aug 2008

I know it's limiting how low I can set it, but 3.05cm is ridiculously big! I have got round the problem by setting a custom paper size 3cm bigger and setting the margin to about 0.5cm and that works fine, I can print right at the bottom of A4.

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