page jumping

  mark-222751 08:56 25 Sep 2003

somtimes when i go to click on somthing on a page the whole page jumps up and i end up clicking on somthing else any thing to stop this

  smegs 10:50 25 Sep 2003

Hello. Do U have a wheel mouse? I have a wheel mouse & if I use the wheel on a page, I get JUMPING pages. I think it is something to do with if the wheel doesn't make a complete circle, then the pages start juming. I may B wrong. Anyone else got any ideas???

  Cesar 12:18 25 Sep 2003

I have an Intellipoint Optical Mouse, when I browse Helproom I click on the Wheel and a Double headed arrow appears on my page and by moving the mouse slightly it scrolls up or down in whatever direction I wish. Check your wheel settings
Control Panel> Mouse.

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