Page file problem!

  Flak999 17:17 16 Jan 2010

Hi, the problem I am having is unusual. I have a four year old machine with a 300Gb hard drive and 2Gb of ram I am getting high page file usage when playing online games. (BF2)

My hard drive still has two thirds available as free space and when my machine boots the PF usage in task manager is showing as 400Mb this stays the same no matter what I use the machine for unless I play online games!

I can be playing with no trouble for an Hour or so until the game slows done as if another process has started. When I then check task manager the PF usage has gone up to 1.15Gb I have tried shutting down all other running processes and disabling my virus scanner and windows defender but this event still occurs.

Anyone any ideas about this please?

  Flak999 17:19 16 Jan 2010

my Page file is set to 3Gb.

  cream. 17:30 16 Jan 2010

If you have enough physical memory, disable page filing.

See how it runs.

  Flak999 16:14 19 Jan 2010

Anybody else have any ideas?

  OTT_B 16:25 19 Jan 2010

A 1.15GB page file when gaming doesn't sound unreasonable to me.

Why your game slows down, i suspect, is a different issue.

  Batch 18:43 19 Jan 2010

Task Manager presents PF Usage in a rather misleading way. The PF Usage figure includes what is in your main memory, not just the page file.

For example, on my 1GB system (with a 768KB page file), right now the PF Usage is showing as 485KB. All I've got open is Outlook Express, two Internet Explorer instances and Task Manager.

The moving PF Usage column represents the total of main memory and the actual page file (so in my case 1.768GB of which 0.485GB is in use.

So in your case if the PF usage is 1.15GB, you aren't even using all of the main memory and so the page file is not being used at that time. So your issue lies elsewhere.

  Flak999 14:58 20 Jan 2010

Thanks for the replies, very interesting information. I will keep searching.

  Batch 16:23 20 Jan 2010

Oops! just realised that I put KB in my post above when I meant MB. I'm sure you got the gist anyhow.

  DieSse 16:34 20 Jan 2010

If you want to understand the Page File, the following articles are a good start.

click here

click here

Windows is a Paging OS - it's not actually possible to run without a Page File, whatever the settings say. Windows uses sophisticated algorithms to decide how , when and here to swap stuff in and out of the page file - so an elementary look at it does not necessarily tell you much. How much it is used also depends a lot on how application programmers declare their memory allocations when they write the program - this can affect how much is allocated - but allocated doesn't necessarily mean actually used, either.

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