page file management

  yabadabado 22:13 25 Mar 2006

This is my setup:
c:\ os disk 60gb overall size, 36 free.
D:\ data disk 200gb 118gb free

Have 512mb of ram.
What is the best setting for disk memory/page files?
better to lease it all on the os disk? all on data disk or spread over both? also now much to allow?


  Tabvla 22:32 25 Mar 2006

I assume that you are using Windows XP.

Microsoft recommend that the optimum setup is to set a page file at least 1.5 times the size of RAM and locate it on a different physical (as opposed to logical) disk from the OS.

So in your case a Page File of 1GB located on D: would be the optimum setup.

It is also important to defrag the Page File regularly. If for some reason the Page File will not defrag completely then simply set the Page File to a very small size (e.g. 10Mb) and restart. Reset the Page File back to 1GB and restart. This will ensure that the Page File remains unfragmented for some time.

  DieSse 22:32 25 Mar 2006

The best setting is to let WinXP manage it for you. For the majority of normal uses, there is no advantage to changing this default setting.

  yabadabado 22:39 25 Mar 2006

Kinda did both suggestions, set the system to manage the size, on D:
Restarted and has set it to a total of 1534mb
When i look at whats allocated where, noting i listed next to drive on virtal mem page.
At teh bottom it says :
Min allowed 2MB
Recommended 766MB
Currently Allocated 1534MB

Will defo defrag it, think i had a problem with it before- the pagefile size in task bar went up to 1.07 GB after 6-7 days without restart, when i did i lost the drive :-s posted on another thred and solved tho!

  SG Atlantis® 22:46 25 Mar 2006

click here and look at "Do you have any specific tweaking tips?"

  terryf 23:03 25 Mar 2006

Setting up page files
NOTE you must be logged on as Administrator or with Administrator privileges
Right click on ‘My Computer’ and click on Properties from the drop down menu.
In the window that opens, click on the ‘Advanced’ tab.
In the Performance box (the top one) click on Settings..
Click on the ‘Advanced‘ tab
Click on ‘Change’ in the Virtual Memory box
Click on Drive D
In the box at the bottom entitled ‘Total paging file size for all drives look at Recommended and choose a multiple of 512 just above this recommended size (e.g 512 or 1024 or 1536 or 2048)
In the box called Paging file size for selected drive, make sure that D is selected (dark blue) click in Custom Size and type the number you have chosen above in both boxes, just a number not MB, then click on Set
Click on the C drive, click on Custom size and type 2 in each box then click on Set, then click OK at the bottom, OK on Performance Options, OK on System Properties. Depending on your previous settings, ou may get a message about over-writing your page file, agree to it and restart your computer to put these new settings into effect

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