Page fault in no paged area

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:53 28 Aug 2014


Occurs when Windows 8 tries to access a page of memory that does not exist. RAM stores pages of memory on the hard drive that are required but not actively in use (page files), non-paged area covers files which are constantly active.

Error is usually caused due to a fault with

a) the RAM.

b) The process trying to access a page file in non-paged area is usually the driver or a system service.

c) Could also be an application, like antivirus, that stores some data in the non-paged area, and is not able to retrieve it from this location, when required.

Having checked the ram try updating or reinstalling drivers.

Please note what programs or systems are in use next time it crashes.

Blue screen view utility will give you more info.

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