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Page Extraction from pdf document

  K*B 13:33 25 Feb 2012

Hello friends, how do I extract and isolate one of the pages in a 9-page pdf document? I need to use this one page as an attachment to an email message. thanx.

  muddypaws 13:50 25 Feb 2012

Is this any good. Just browsed google after reading your post.

One page pdf

Probably more expert help on the way.

  beeuuem 20:52 25 Feb 2012

One option is to uses a pdf printer such as

Install the printer - open the pdf document and print the page the page by selecting 'dopdf as the printer and choosing the page you wish to print from the options, i.e. print page 6 to 6. The page will be 'printed' as a pdf file in the location you choose.

  lotvic 22:04 25 Feb 2012

Or select page area and copy to clipboard, paste into your photo editing prog or Paint and save as a .jpg

  K*B 12:32 28 Feb 2012

Thanks friends, but my 9-page document is already in pdf. All I need to do is to isolate one of the 9 pdf pages and use it as a separate pdf file. Any help? Thanks in advance.

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