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  steven_frost 15:26 26 Aug 2003

ok after having my web site up for a little amount of time i want to change the layout, what i would like to do is design the page with top part with a banner and on the left hand side were the links go, how do i go about it i refuse to a frame layout but the same sort of design is what i want i'm using FP2000 as to create from

  Forum Editor 19:21 26 Aug 2003

to use shared borders, so that your banner and navigation panel appear on every page in your site.

The way to do this in FP is to add each page to the navigation view, and then enable shared borders - you'll be asked to select the type and the layout.

The best way to get going is to create all your pages as blanks and give them the appropriate file names. Open the index page and then go to View and select folder list. That will open a pane on the left of your screen with all your pages and folders in it. Now go back to View, and select Navigation.

Drag each of your pages from the left-hand pane into the navigation page. You'll see lines appear that will link each page back to the index page - you can move them around until you have the layout you want.

  steven_frost 19:18 27 Aug 2003

ok if my brain was attached to the rest of my body would help thanks for the advice should have know that

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