The page cant be displayed

  alltime 00:39 10 Jul 2004

I am running win xp and ie 6, on a p3 with 384 ram . Trend virus scanner with the realtime scan off. Lots of the time when i connect to the internet (bt broadband) it says the page cant be displayed. I reboot the computer and most of the time it works. but still takes several seconds to load the home page (10) is there any adjustments i can make to improve this. I have taken the real time scan off and disabled th firewall.

  Muzzsjm 00:58 10 Jul 2004

Hi mate

Go through all the normal things on this one I am afraid :-(

Reinstall IE6

Run spyware/adware scans
(Search for Adaware/Spybot on

Check enough memory is free in Task Manager
(Alt Cntrl Dlt - Performance)

Virus scan

Once you have done those then you'll want to check the connection etc filters and line problems. May be a case PC needs a good tidy up. A bit vague I know but should help.

There can be many causes of this...

  alltime 01:08 10 Jul 2004

Hi thanks for the info , ive actually got spybot installed , is this ok?

  Muzzsjm 13:20 13 Jul 2004

Yeah Spybot is a good adware/spyware program.

  smokingbeagle 13:38 13 Jul 2004

Some sites require cookies enabled on your browser to display. They don't always warn you about this.

  SEASHANTY 15:31 13 Jul 2004

If you have enlough space on your hard disk you could install another browser in addition to I.E.
Mozilla Firefox is excellent and is about 4.7MB
download. See previous PCA thread
click here

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