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  xxxxxxx 23:32 06 Jun 2003

...come up every time I try a shortcut to a website. Why has this started happening. I am running Windows 98,and accessing the net via AOL>

tell us the website so we can check it for you it could well be down

  xxxxxxx 23:48 06 Jun 2003

Hello. It's happening on all websites. Is it possible I have lost Internet Explorer,if so, what do I do. I can access the net through AOL but I prefer to use my computor shortcuts

when IE launches does it connect?

  xxxxxxx 23:55 06 Jun 2003

I don't think so. I get the "This page......" message then as well.

if you have aol installed you may be stuck going out through that as it is probably set as your default browser, any links to the net should launch the aol browser,

  xxxxxxx 00:04 07 Jun 2003

Is there a way around this. Do I have to use AOL as my default broweser. Thanks for your helpBTW

dont take my word for it but i think that to use the AOL phone number you may well have to use the aol browser, but keep asking as theres bound to be an aol customer out there who knows more,

  Djohn 00:15 07 Jun 2003

me coming in on this one horiz5. I think that IE is probably set to work off line, that is why it will give the message you are seeing.

Yes you do need to connect to the web through your ISP, (AOL), but then you can minimise it to the taskbar and use IE or any other browser.

Try, clicking on file, (Top left of IE) and see if a tick is on the line, "Work offline", if it is then just un-tick, your web pages will then show. j

  xxxxxxx 00:24 07 Jun 2003

Tried that but it is unticked. Up until recently I could connect through AOL then minimise then use IE and my favourites. Has AOL done something sneeky???

  Djohn 00:32 07 Jun 2003

I use AOL as well, I tried IE just now, it is working fine.

How are you connected at the moment? Are you using aol and the address bar to log into this site?

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