"The page cannot be displayed"

  Barold 17:31 23 Jan 2006

Aprox. 3 times out of four when I try to access a web page I get the above message. Occasionally I can eventually get in by repeatedly pressing Restore. But mostly I just give up.

The problem started a couple of weeks ago when I picked up some spyware, and removed it (I think) using Counterspy and AVG antivirus.

I run Windows XP home with SP2, Internet Explorer, a wireless router and firewall and Tiscali 1Mb broadband.

I'd be grateful for some advice.


  john-232317 18:54 23 Jan 2006

Try this download, click here , update, then run. There maybe still some nasties about.

  Barold 13:06 24 Jan 2006

Thanks dadyassa. Unfortunately I can't download because of the problem I described. Any ideas?


  Methedrine 16:31 24 Jan 2006

Can a friend download it and burn it onto a disc for you?

  Barold 11:46 25 Jan 2006

Thanks. Why didn't I think of that?

  Barold 19:43 25 Jan 2006

I'm sorry to say I eventually managed to download Ewido but it didn't do the trick.

After a bit more playing I've convinced myself the problem is to do with my wirelss broadband router. Can anyone tell me if this sounds like a worthwhile avenue to explore?


  keverne 21:50 25 Jan 2006

Are you running any Internet filtering applications?
I had to stop using FilterGate for exactly the problems you describe.

  Barold 23:43 01 Feb 2006

Thanks all. I've discovered the problem - it was a problem with my wireless router. I've temporarily replaced it with a cable and the problem has gone away.

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