packet writer

  birddog 14:25 14 Nov 2005

can anyone suggest a easy/good packet writer NOT Nero, it never works for me. i run xp.

  alan227 14:32 14 Nov 2005
  GaT7 14:46 14 Nov 2005

I've always found packet writing very unreliable, so changed to creating multisession disks instead. G

  €dstowe 14:53 14 Nov 2005

Packet writing of any flavour (InCD or anything else) is the spawn of the davil - AVOID!!!!

Unless, of course you want to increase the scrap CD mountain.

  €dstowe 14:53 14 Nov 2005

or even devil!!

  GaT7 15:05 14 Nov 2005

There's an excellent alternative to the 'scrap CD mountain' (or coaster-making) - give them away to charity through the Forum Editor click here.

FE's recent posts about it "Psssst...... Got any old CDs?" click here & click here. G

  stylehurst 17:13 14 Nov 2005

Try BClip works OK for me

  ade.h 17:21 14 Nov 2005

I find packet writing in XP to be perfectly satisfactory and very reliable. I use TDK discs. The only disadvantage (which doesn't bother me but might be a problem for others) is that you cannot selectively delete certain files or folders from an XP-written CD-RW. I think other programs probably can do that, but I have never had any reason to use anything but the built-in XP CD writing wizard. You can still write multiple seesions without losing existing data.

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