packardbell preinstalled Os and corrupted recovery

  PowderKeg 14:13 31 Oct 2003

I would like to restore my pc to its new condition but my red recovery floppy wont work, system tells me it is unable to read it.

I have never done a restore before and am troubled because the preinstalled software (behind a hidden partition) is unavailable to me.

I have created boot floppy's (floppies???) before and used them successfully but i never see (or recognise more probably!!) the option to restore to factory condition. :(

I have been to the packardbell website but what to download? Is the software that will enable me restore there and if so how is it used as the on screen prompts seem to require more knowledge than I possess!!!

In particular, which option is the 'factory' condition??

Many Thanx in Advance :)

  beeuuem 14:21 31 Oct 2003

Some recovery floppies are available from click here
You will need to download the floppy for your model of computer. If you post back with the computer model I'm sure that someone with a knowledge of PB recovery wil help you.

  Peverelli 14:23 31 Oct 2003

Did you not get a restore CD with the PC when you bought it? When I bought my Packard Bell back in 1999 it came with a 'Master Disk' which enabled me to reset to factory settings. It was simple to do as I was guided through the process by onscreen prompts. Remember to back up important files before you proceed.

  PowderKeg 14:23 31 Oct 2003

its an iconnect model 750meg with a halley mb

  PowderKeg 14:26 31 Oct 2003

nothing that even feintly resembles such a thing came with my pc... lots of (mostly) crap games and the red diskette that is now corrupted <groan>

  beeuuem 14:42 31 Oct 2003

This says it is the recovery floppy click here
Under 'Utility' and 'Recovery' click here(at the bottom of the page) it gives downloads for creating bootable recovery CDs.

  graham√ 14:49 31 Oct 2003

Are we talking XP Recovery here?

  PowderKeg 15:33 31 Oct 2003

no. this is windows me....

  PowderKeg 15:35 31 Oct 2003

is it then a case of restart holding ctrl to get to the recovery process ??

i have been in the bios and have the cdrom as firstboot

  feb 15:39 31 Oct 2003

Hi Powderkeg, Have you got the 3 CD's aswell as the Red floppy?

  sil_ver 16:17 31 Oct 2003

Later PBs only supplied a recovery floppy, everything was on a hidden partition but you could burn your own CDs after which I think the partition became available for use.
POWDERKEG.. Did you make the floppy drive the first boot device? You might get some valuable help from the PB forum here click here

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