Packard Hell!!!Whats wrong

  sean-278262 15:40 28 Jan 2003

I have a packard bell club 600 with a 15Gb hdd 256Mb of Ram a CD RW and Dvd. Recently the system has become unstable and has been very difficult to use it fails to boot If it has been off overnight and says UNABLE TO BOOT DEVICE IOS
Upon restart the system will not access the internet files are dissaperaing and It often goes to blue screens. I have also noticed that when I coppied one of My CDS the Burn Time was over 3 hrs using Roxios easy CD creator. If anyone has had the same problem or knows how to fix it please reply!! I am at work and as I cannot get the Internet to go I can only check replies here.

  MalcSP 15:50 28 Jan 2003

Try replacing the CMOS battery

  spikeychris 15:54 28 Jan 2003

click here

There also seems to be a fix if you click here you will have to put it on floppy from work and load it at home.


  ©®@$ђ 15:59 28 Jan 2003

which version of windows have you got, and what software have you installed around the time of when this problem started

have you got norton av installed if so was that installed at the time of this problem occured

  ©®@$ђ 16:02 28 Jan 2003

"IOS Failed to Initialize" error message after installation

When you restart Windows 95 after installing a program or making a
configuration change to your computer, you may receive one of the
following error messages:

* Windows initializing device IOS: Windows protection error. IOS
failed to Initialize, Please restart
* While initializing IOS: Windows protection error. You need to
restart your computer.

This is a Windows 95 problem that occurs on a very small number of
system configurations. After the error message is displayed, you may
not be able to start Windows 95 normally. However, you should be able
to start Windows 95 in Safe mode.

To correct the problem:

1 Boot Windows 95 in Safe mode or to a command prompt.
2 Do one of the following:
* Edit your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files and remove or
disable any references to SMARTDRV.EXE
* Rename SMARTDRV.EXE to another name (for example, SMARTDRV.EX?).

For more information, visit the Microsoft Knowledge Base and review
article Q157924.

There is also a patch on the Microsoft Web Site that has proved
successful with other users. Below is a link to that file.

click here

and it will ask where you
want to save the file. You may put it in the Windows TEMP folder or
another folder that you can easily locate. Once you have downloaded
the file you will simply double click it in Windows Explorer, and a
dialog box will prompt you with the next action.

  sean-278262 16:10 28 Jan 2003

1 I work for Apple so floppy disks are a bit difficult!!!
2 Win 98se
3 Where can I get the CMOS Battery and how much, is it a sure fix??

  sean-278262 16:13 28 Jan 2003

I loaded Nero burning rom off a Pc advisor disk and thats all I loaded I was advised to reinstall the computer by the manufacturer and It still persists

  sean-278262 15:51 30 Jan 2003

could someone please help me coz I aint got a clue wot to do

  spikeychris 16:12 30 Jan 2003

Do you not have access to a PC?

  jazzypop 16:25 30 Jan 2003

"I work for Apple so floppy disks are a bit difficult!!!" - Why? Even my local newsagent sells them, as do all PC stores, large stationary stores, etc.

"Where can I get the CMOS Battery and how much, is it a sure fix??" - Any PC store, about £5, no (but it is very likely to help).

"is no one helping me???" - you have been given excellent advice by ©®@$ђ, spikeychris and malcSP, but you have given no feedback as to which advice you have followed, if any.

If you want your PC fixed, the fastest way is to start at one end of the problem, eliminate all possibilities until you get to the cause, then fix it - which is precisely what people are trying to help you to do.

If you do not understand the advice, or need clarification, just say so. Please tick and close your duplicate thread at click here so that people can see the development of whathas been suggested, what has been tried, what has not yet been suggested, etc. This will help you to get your problem solved more quickly.

  sean-278262 09:31 03 Feb 2003

I have changed the battery and I have also done all other suggestions. Any IDIOT (EXCEPT YOU) knows that apple do not use PCs and abolished the use of floppy Disks over 5 years ago so stop being so stuck up about the whole problem I just need other suggestions to try to solve the PROBLEM AT HAND!!!!!!! So if you want to be stupid and assume that everyone has unmetered time on the web then you have a very serious problem my friend. You may be doing nothing all day but others want and need to work to live!!!!!OK. (This is aimed at JAZZYPOP ONLY AND IS NOT AIMED TO UPSET ANY OTHER FORUM USER) PS this is possibly the last time I use this forum!

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