Packard Bell U S B Ports

  LES THE TUBA 22:36 01 May 2003

The metal part of the usb port where I plug in my scanner, camera etc. has broken off. Does anyone know where I can purchase a new one.
It is only about 1 1/4 inches long by about 5/8 inch. It has written on it...PB-ATXUSB-A
It has a plug with a 4 strand cable attached, the other end of which is plugged into the mother board

  explicitlyrics100 22:48 01 May 2003

click here have them on sale however it is not so easy to front mount them as they generally come with a bracket - that is assuming yours is not front mount. They cost about £5 or u can upgrade to usb2 and pay only a little extra. Chris

  LES THE TUBA 23:27 01 May 2003

thanks explicitlyrics100.I found the site but don't know what the part is called. I'm new to this computer game and very confused.Help

  explicitlyrics100 23:38 01 May 2003

Its one of the strips on the back of your pc? if you have a blank metal strip with nothing on then you can just get a pci usb card - they are easy to install and work brilliantly. This is a perfectly good one with support for any future usb2 products you may get - click here . If you would still like to use the port on you motherboard then it may be slightly harder as it may need to be designed for you motherboard and cannot be ordered as easily though is possible if you want to persue it and i can give help there. Anyway this pci card should be good and there are many others in the same category if you are unhappy with the 3day wait. Happy hunting, Chris

  woodchip 00:12 02 May 2003

You can buy a bracket USB at any good computer shop, they fit on what's known as headers on the motherboard. Cheapest is Computer Fair

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