Packard Bell SmartRestore

  micklemouse 18:06 05 Mar 2005

I have Windows XP Home SP2 along with antivirus, Adaware, Spyware Blaster and Spybot. I have recently rebooted the system and as it is a Packard Bell Imedia model it came with SmartRestor too where I can set up the programs I want to keep/not keep. Everything was going fine but now I can't get into SmartRestore anymore, it says there is a Missing file but not which one. Have I made such a booboo I will have to reboot the whole thing all over again?

Regards Mickelmouse

  micklemouse 18:07 05 Mar 2005

I might add I have not removed anything from run\msconfig\startup\

  sinbad1 18:56 05 Mar 2005

does your floppy recovery work if so there is a repair option in there.
NOTE do you have an option in smart restore to make a set of cd's if so i would strongly advise you do

  sinbad1 18:58 05 Mar 2005
  Jak_1 19:25 05 Mar 2005

Do you mean re-boot or re-install? If you have just re-booted then you can get things back on track by using the cd's that you should have made.

With the Packard Bell there are two system restore.

1. The Windows system restore:

Start > Acessories > System tools

2. The Packard Bell system restore:

Start > Prgrams > tools

At least that's the way it is with Win Me on a Packard Bell.

If you have only done a re-boot (restarted the pc) then try 1. and take the pc back to a date you know it was working fine.

If you have done a full re-install then try this:

1. Inset the recovery disk that came with the pc (have your cd's ready)
2. Chose the option to re-install windows (the one that just re-installs the os without deleting any data files you may have).
3. just follow the instructions given.

Once back up and running you can then uninstall any proggies you don'r require, should you want to re-instate them at a later date then you can using smart restore and the cd's.

If all this fails then I suggest doing a total re-install, takes about an hour if I remember correctly.

Hope this helps.

  sinbad1 20:36 05 Mar 2005

think you will find he only has a recovery floppy which access the hidden files, if he has not taken the option to create cds in smart restore which i'm sure he hasn't since creating the discs removes the hidden partition to the disks.
problem is if the partition is currupt as mine was then the he will not be able to restore his comp.
best to use the computers system restore to go back to when it worked and hope things are put right.

  micklemouse 08:35 06 Mar 2005

sorry for not being clear but I meant I reinstalled XP from scratch, plus I wasn't able to make cds in smart restore since I don't have a cd writer. I haven taken note of all you say, but going back to an earlier date with system restore is not possible either as I found PSKill on my computer with mcafee and had to do a rescan without the system restore in order to stop it recurring. So that's knocked that on the head. I will leave things as they are I think but yes I do have the final option of doing another XP reinstall if I need to. And by the way sinbad1, the he is a she! Maybe that makes things clearer as to why I'm in this predicament lol!

  sinbad1 09:52 06 Mar 2005

apologies for the gender error makes no difference male or female we all get into predicaments from time to time.

it may just be a case of re installing again to put back missing file. if i remember there is an option on the floppy to repair smart wont do any harm by inserting the floppy and looking at the options select this and continue
as the option only repairs smart restore.

hope this helps

  micklemouse 10:27 06 Mar 2005

thank you, sinbad1, does your suggestion mean I can repair smart restore without haveing to do a complete re-install of XP all over again? Only if does I would be pleased as I'm on restricted bandwidth internet and don't wan't to have to download my software yet again. If I reinstalled XP as you know, I would lose all of this as well.

Thanks, Micklemouse

  sinbad1 10:34 06 Mar 2005

when u try to run smart restore what does the error say?

  sinbad1 10:41 06 Mar 2005

if you choose repair smart restore, should do that and not full install

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