Packard Bell R1004 - any good?

  lindyloo4 20:03 25 Jan 2006

My friend's 12 year old has £500 to spend on a laptop and has seen this click here
It will be used for the Homework, MSN Messenger and playing games, mainly one called "Sims". Has anyone any comments please as to it's suitability.

Thanks in advance

  Zaphod 3 20:20 25 Jan 2006

As ever with Dell don't forget to deselect the three year at home service and it can be had for £440.

  Zaphod 3 20:21 25 Jan 2006
  lindyloo4 12:57 26 Jan 2006

Thanks Zaphod. Any more comments from anyone please.

  lindyloo4 18:38 26 Jan 2006


  lindyloo4 19:26 26 Jan 2006

Thank you. That's just the type of information she wanted and I will pass it on to her. Her daughter would be very disapointed if she were unable to play her favourite game.

I don't know the reason she wants a laptop but can anyone recommend one that would be suitable.

  lindyloo4 20:42 26 Jan 2006

Thank you once again. I think she is really going have to think if a laptop will be suitable for her requirements.

  lindyloo4 12:34 29 Jan 2006

Any more suggestions before I see her tomorrow?


  howard63 12:43 29 Jan 2006

the one bit of advice I give anyone asking about a laptop is make sure that it is capable of doing everything you want it to do specifications wise as it is almost impossible to upgrade afterwards cost effectively.

  lindyloo4 17:50 29 Jan 2006

Thanks. The reason I made this post was exactly that reason. The shop had told my friend it would play the game she wanted to play.

  lindyloo4 18:32 29 Jan 2006

Yes, from your previous posting ( much appreciated) that's exactly what I'm going to tell her.

I was hoping some more suggestions for suitable laptops would be forthcoming, just to give her a choice. You know what 12 year olds are like.

Thanks again.

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