Packard Bell Pulsar C333

  GazMaz 14:02 08 Jan 2003
  GazMaz 14:02 08 Jan 2003

I have tried to scan the Web but no luck. I don't suppose anyone knows how easy it is to get the case from a Packard Bell Pulsar C333 PC. Or know where I can get a manual???

  y_not 18:48 08 Jan 2003

Not sure I understand. Are you wanting a case for the PC or to remove the case?

Sorry if I'm being a bit thick (its a gift)

  GazMaz 19:06 08 Jan 2003

No I'm adding some more memory to a PC that a Charity have not mine (it's all done for ccchhariiiittty mate) hope you get that if your not UK based you may not, anyway I know that this case is a bit weird, so I was just trying to locate a manual, as the charity have lost there's to make my life a bit easier. I have been on the Packard site and not much help there. Except that most of their case have two screens and slide backwards out, I'll just have to suck it and see.
If nothing else a chainsaw will do it!

  GazMaz 20:07 08 Jan 2003

Well I couldn't find that connection for the case, well done. Said it was a pain reading the instructions I wasn't wrong.
Printed the info watched the video, now no chainsaw required, this is a good helproom.

Cheers B

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