Packard Bell PC problem

  CROMO6555 18:19 04 Jan 2010

Hi PB Support,
When I turned on my PC after the P Bell logo apperared the screen went black with a message on the bottom saying something was missing and to press alt, control, delet to restart. I did but got nothing again.
Iam now in the PB recovery program and it is asking me to choose between windows system restore, or recovery program. The PC will not let me choose which 1 as the recovery one is the only choice I can make.
When I go into the recovery section, my PC will only let me choose the full recovery? as I do not want to lose my data have you any advise on how I can get my desktop up and running again?


  howard64 18:47 04 Jan 2010

if you have another pc or a friend with one you could take the hard drive out and connect it as a slave in the other one. This would allow you to save all your data then you can use the recovery.

  howard64 18:50 04 Jan 2010

do not copy anything to your existing hard drive or you could overwrite and lose your stuff.

  Deekio 19:02 04 Jan 2010

When you buy a PB computer you are usually instructed to create a set of recovery discs, did
you do this?
If not try tapping F8 key as the computer is booting up and start in safe mode and do a system restore from there.

  DieSse 19:44 04 Jan 2010

Borrow a Windows CD and do a repair re-install - this rewrites windows and leaves your data and other programs intact.

BUT backup all your data to another computer (as howard64 suggests) first otherwise you could make matters worse.

Now you know why you should have a current backup of at least your data, and preferably everything on your computer.

"with a message on the bottom saying something was missing"

What message?

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